Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the local water utility contractor of choice delivering quality projects safely and working closely with our clients to deliver excellent customer service

Our Values


We value our people and we realise that our business success is based on their skills, determination and hard work. We will ensure that we look after our people, train them properly and make them feel part of our team and working for the benefit of our clients.


We will ensure that safety is the single most important consideration on our projects and that we always place the safety of our own and other people above all else on our projects.


We will consistently deliver a quality service to our clients, which meet their needs and expectations.


Over the past 40+ years, we have gained a reputation as a company that acts with integrity and can be trusted by all those who deal with us. This is integral to who we are and we will continue to act in a manner that earns and retains the trust of our customers and other stakeholders.


We always put the customer first. Excellent communication, relationships and service are the foundations of our delivery model.