January 25, 2019

New Electric Vehicle Pod Points at J Browne Head Office

Visitors and staff at J Browne’s head office in Enfield will now be able to charge their electric or hybrid vehicles thanks to the installation of some Pod Point charging points in January 2019.

These electric vehicle charging points are  a welcome addition and we hope they will support our staff  in changing over to electric vehicles. We want to ensure that we contribute to improving the environment in our local area and as part of our overall environmental objectives of decreasing CO2 emissions and improving air quality by encouraging electric car use. We think providing the infrastructure to support an electric fleet is a good starting point.

The pods themselves are very easy to use. A simple phone app allows the user to connect to the charge point and controls and records the duration of the charge. Charging time depends on the vehicle in question, but generally a full charge can be obtained in approximately 2 hours. We already have a number of electric car users and have plans to trial a number of vans in the coming months.  

Our Fleet Manager, Terry Beeston says ‘this is a greatstarting point for the company on the electric vehicle front. We are commencing trials on electric commercial vehicles shortly and will assess their effectiveness for our operations. With the easy to use app and smart reporting, we will be able to monitor and report on energy usage or CO2 saved.’

New Pod Points at J Browne Head Office