December 20, 2018

All in a day’s work

Steven Moore and his team Adrian Marin, Alexandru-Daniel Tala and Filip Romeo had a day to remember on Friday 23rd November 2018 helping the London Fire Brigade and local resident get a potentially devasting fire under control by an innovative use of the Thames Water mains network and some quick thinking by the team.

The team who work for J Browne on Eight2O’s Mains Replacement Programme in North East London arrived for work in Hillside Avenue Redbridge at the start of what should have been a busy day replacing leaking pipes for Thames Water’s customers

Steven recalled hearing a resident calling out for help as a fire had broken out in their property. The team reacted quickly to assist the owner and to help control the fire by setting up a temporary bypass pipe off the existing hydrant point on the water main providing water to douse the flames and contain the incident until the London Fire Brigade arrived. They also provided LFB staff with practical help on their arrival and handed over the incident professionally and calmly having taken measures to ensure the continuity of the water supply.

What Steven and his team of did that day can only be described as heroic and probably saved the property from destruction and averted serious consequences for the owner’s family, all of whom were all within the property at the time of the fire.

Steven and his team were visited the next day by Woodford Branch of London Fire Brigade who commended them for their efforts and expressed gratitude for their quick thinking.

All in a day’s work

We are very proud of the team’s actions on the day and they have been awarded a BrownE Points recognition award for Customer Champion as a small token of our thanks. Steven and the team are back installing water mains but can be relied on to don their super hero capes at a moment’s notice!