November 22, 2018

The Frontline

J Browne Supervisor Wayne Blaney has been chosen to identify and promote the characteristics of good supervisors in the Thames Water business through a poster and social media campaign. Wayne and five other supervisors from both our client Thames Water and supply chain partners were handpicked as exceptional supervisors who could inspire the next generation and promote the vital role within the Thames Water business.

The group who included supervisors and managers from Thames Water, Clancy, Barhale and SMB were involved in a series of interviews and group discussions hosted by Joe Hall Head of Safety Capital Delivery Office to tease out the attributes of good supervisors and site leadership. All the group were responsible for diverse work streams but all shared excellent leadership qualities such as being good communicators, ensuring they had the respect of their teams, taking responsibility for the health safety and well being of their people and taking pride in their work.

Wayne will be featuring in December’s issue of The Source magazine and will also be featuring on a series of poster all over the TWU estate from the launch in December.

Wayne is expecting a ‘small bit of banter’ from his teams and colleagues post launch! Well done Wayne, we are all very proud to have you representing us.

The Frontline

Supervisor Wayne Blaney, with Jeremy Browne and Thames Water’s Joe Hall