June 16, 2018

March for Men

A team of 28 from J Browne took part in the recent 10km March for Men event for Prostate Cancer UK at the Olympic Park in Stratford, East London.

We were walking in support of our friend and work colleague Nigel Williams who has recently been diagnosed with the condition.  Nigel joined J Browne in 1990 and is a respected and popular member of the team. The event was Nigel and his wife Cath’s idea and it gave Nigel’s friends and work colleagues a practical and fun way of helping. On the day over 2000 people took part and helped raise badly needed funding for the charity which is working hard to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for this condition. The funding led by Nigel has raised an amazing £25,000 including a £6,000 contribution by the Company. Some amazing fund raising from individuals in J Browne including Ellie Marriot, Robert Madeley, Maureen Patterson, Andrew Courtney and many others. A big thanks to Helen McIntyre for organising the J Browne effort. On the same day, Barry Jones and Lisa Blundell ran a 10km run as part of the effort and raised over £750.

We were joined by a large contingent of the Williams family and friends including his brother Gary & wife Karen, from Shrewsbury along with his niece & fiancé from Cardiff. The entire party numbered well over 50 including several of Nigel’s former colleagues including Denver Smallbone, Tim Noonan, Paul MacCarthy and Lawrence Summers.

The walk went well with Nigel and Gary resplendent in white Panama hats setting a fast pace. The accounts team walked with steely determination led by Ken Biss in his jaunty orange shorts. Nigel’s WNS contract was well represented by Mick Fogarty, Sean Conway, Robert Madeley, Peter Hampshire, Andrew Courtney, Anne Hemming, Frank Donnelly and our long-term supply chain partners James Doogan and Hugh Kavanagh.

Afterwards we retired to a private barge in the Olympic Park for some drinks and not very much food as our pizzas went missing, if only Helen was in charge! No one seemed too upset and it was a memorable and relaxing end to the day. Nigel spoke very movingly about his experiences with prostate cancer and pressed all his male colleagues and friends to ensure they were getting medically checked and looking out for signs of the disease. He also paid tribute to his wife Cath and his family & friends.

There was a fantastic atmosphere of goodwill around the event and everybody enjoyed both the walk and catching up with friends outside of work. Most of all we enjoyed supporting Nigel and meeting his friends and family.

March for Men