October 2, 2016

J Browne joins the Institute of Customer Service

To demonstrate our commitment to customer service, last month J Browne joined more than 500 private, public and voluntary sector organisations in becoming a member of the Institute of Customer Service. The Institute of Customer Service are a non-for profit organisation designed at supporting companies like J Browne in achieving increased customer satisfaction for our clients and end customers.

Through enlisting the help of the Institute of Customer Service, we will be working closely with our dedicated Client Relationship Director to identify customer service improvements which can be made across the J Browne Group and can make a real difference to how we work. Ceara Lavey, our Head of Customer Service, says “This is a really exciting time for J Browne. Customer service has become increasingly more important to us and our clients and by working closely with the Institute we can start to implement some quick-wins solutions whilst creating a customer service road map for the future. Becoming a member really allows us to demonstrate our commitment to customers”.

J Browne a member of the Institute of Customer Service

Our first kick-off session is planned for the end of this month, when we will start to complete some “Meet and Greets” with the teams and begin to drive this forward. Watch this space for more updates!