June 8, 2016

J Browne launches Electronic Utility Plans App (JBUP)

In recent weeks J Browne has developed a system to radically improve the quality of Utility plans available to our digging teams. It also improves the distribution of plans to the teams. The application called JBUP (J Browne Utility Plans) is installed onto the gangs’ tablets, and enables the Street Works Co-ordination department to send electronic colour utility plans directly to the tablets of the operatives on the ground no matter where they are. We have launched the system on our Affinity Water contract with great results.

The response from the gangs has been extremely positive. Ganger Tony Steele says “I love it, you can zoom in and see every detail, including cross sections and dimensions that weren’t legible on all paper plans. The tablet is so easy to walk around the site with and much easier to handle and store than the paper packs.”

Our Framework manager Brian Buckley said: “Not only are we improving Health & Safety for our gangs, the savings in paper and printing costs have been substantial. The environmental benefit of not printing and then transporting paper plans is huge. We are saving a substantial amount by not printing the maps, and we are improving our carbon footprint”.

J Browne launches Electronic Utility Plans App (JBUP)

Brian continues “The introduction of JBUP has shown the crews that we want to make good H&S practice easy for them. It has also cut the workload of the planners involved in half.”

IT Manager Steve Codling was delighted with the roll out confirming that: “We will be expanding JBUP across the company and also increasing the capability of the system in the coming weeks.”