October 30, 2015

J Browne Volunteering in our Community

Two teams of volunteers from J Browne went head to head in a competitive challenge to improve the environment at Tatem Park in Enfield. The teams headed up by Paul McMahon, Managing Director and Jonathan Dodd, Commercial Director were given two separate sections in the park to improve over two days. Paul’s section consisted of a large old fashioned children’s paddling pool and surrounding woodland, which was in a very sorry state. Jonathan’s section was at one of the entrances to the park which included a pathed entrance and four large existing flower beds. It was a daunting challenge!

Day one got off to a flying start with the flower beds striped and pathways getting jet washed. The area surrounding the paddling pool cleared of rubbish and all brambles and trees stripped back. Day two was a bit more frantic with Paul’s team’s pumps getting clogged up due to the high levels of algae which burned valuable time. The Mayor of Enfield Council was due at 4pm to judge the most improved section and by lunchtime there was still plenty to do. Paul’s team managed to remove the majority of the algae from the pond and made a great improvement to the area. Improvements included getting all the debris removed from the pool area and getting the surrounding area cut back and finally getting all the railing painted. Over at the flower beds, Jonathan’s team was cutting it fine as they had 5 tonne of bark chippings to lay with minutes to spare!

J Browne Volunteer Park Clean Up Challenge

The Mayor of Enfield Council, Cllr Patricia Ekechi and Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson were delighted with the improvements to both areas and could not decide on a winner, so unfortunately neither Director had the chance to gloat! We would like to thank Enfield Council for providing us with this opportunity, especially Julie Bland and Graham Deal who worked hard with the teams both days.