Customer Service

Customer service is what our business has been built on since we launched in 1971. Our success comes from delivering a professional service with a family business ethos – something that sets us apart from our PLC competitors. Our approach – we call it ‘relationship contracting’ – is about building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. As a result we can proudly say that over 75% of our work is now repeat business.

Our customer service commitment

  • We are proactive, working to understand our clients needs and what’s important to them
  • We establish clear points of contact early on and brief our team on client codes of conduct
  • We are quick to identify problems and find solutions
  • We keep our customers informed at all times, whether working on the public highway or private property
  • We follow the ‘Considerate Constructor’s Scheme’ and closely monitor our performance
  • We are good neighbours, working with the local community to minimise disruption and expedite our works

Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM)

We recognise that our people are often the public face of our clients’ businesses – whether in a call centre, on site or in people’s homes – so we do everything we can to keep their customers happy. For our many water company clients, this means we directly affect their SIM, a key performance output based on how customers feel about the service they receive. We make sure we have a positive impact on their SIM by keeping our promises – by making sure our team are always well-trained, wearing the right uniform and carrying the right ID, by turning up on time, fixing problems first time and keeping the customer informed.

We always aim for a SIM customer satisfaction score of 4.5 to 5 out of 5, and here’s one of many comments that tell us we’re getting it right:

Would just like to say a big thank you to Hannah and the two colleagues who came to install the manhole at my residence yesterday. I found all the members of staff respectable, friendly and very cooperative.