January 11, 2017

New Mobile Phone Policy

J Browne is committed to reducing the risks which our employees face and create when driving or riding for work.

Mobile phone usage while driving has contributed to many near misses, accidents and fatalities on our roads and we believe constitutes an unacceptable risk to all concerned. The use of mobile phones to enable access to social media, videos and music has increased the likelihood of illegal usage. The consequences of having a road accident are potentially catastrophic and a number of recent incidents as reported by National Press have emphasised the dangers of causing multiple deaths through dangerous driving caused by mobile phone usage.


Therefore we have taken the decision with the support of a number of our key clients to prohibit the use of mobile phone usage when driving for work, our new policy states:

‘Employees driving for work must never make or receive calls, send or read texts or emails or otherwise use a mobile device, whether hand held or hand frees, while driving.’


New Mobile Phone Policy

We ask all our employees to play their part, whether they use a company vehicle, their own or a hire vehicle.

Removing distractions whilst driving, will remove one of the major risks faced by our people.